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Planning for Retirement

With defined benefit pension plans becoming obsolete and Social Security benefits potentially changing, it is up to most Americans to plan for themselves for how to address and receive income after they decide to change their employment status. If you are not on track to retire when and how you want to, you will either have to delay when you retire, save and invest more before you can stop working, or change your spending goals for retirement.

Whether you are just starting to save, have been saving for some time, or have already retired, Placer Summit’s professionals can help you design a saving and investment strategy to pursue your retirement.

Income in Retirement

You’ve worked hard and saved for your retirement. Now that you are retired you need to live off of your savings and the benefits programs that may be available to you.

At Placer Summit we can help you plan for retirement income taking your Social Security benefits, investments, risk tolerance, savings, pensions, annuities, real estate holdings, and other income sources into consideration.

Multigenerational Wealth Planning

Transferring wealth between generations is not just about designating beneficiaries on a form, preparing a simple will or trust, or looking for ways to manage taxes. Imparting your values regarding financial matters on your grandchildren or children may be important to you. You may also need a plan that helps a grandchild or child pay for education or fulfills your family’s philanthropic goals.

At Placer Summit we strive to help clients plan for what matters to them.

Risk Management

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected events is a fundamental aspect of financial planning. A plan that considers the use of life insurance or some form of long term care insurance to help transfer the risks of loss to an insurance company may be appropriate depending on your needs.

Placer Summit’s professionals can help you identify and analyze various risk factors, and make recommendations to provide you with the confidence you seek.

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